Albuquerque Police Department Substations Vandalized Overnight

Four Albuquerque Police Department substations across the city were vandalized with red paint Monday night.

The substations at Central and Rio Grande by Old Town, Central and Girard near the University of New Mexico, Montgomery and Tramway in the foothills and one on South Broadway were all painted overnight, according to an APD news release.

The defacement is most likely in retaliation to the recent shooting of James Boyd, a homeless man who was fatally shot after a three hour-long confrontation with police over illegal camping.

Residents have held several protests against police violence by Albuquerque police since the shooting last month.

In a highly scathing assessment, the Justice Department said Thursday that the Albuquerque Police Department, whose officers have shot a and killed 23 people in the past four years, had engaged in a “pattern or practice of use of excessive force,” often acting recklessly and violating people’s constitutional rights.

one crime does not justify another crime

This is an artistic form of protest. IDGAF if the state calls it a crime.

How can you even relate the brutal murders of 23 human beings to a non-violent action?


I’m actually from New Mexico, and I was on campus when the friendly protests turned to riots because police got violent. The police threw tear gas on protesters and my bf caught it on tape. The protesters were not even violent, several students had tear gas pollute their dorms and had to leave. This happened maybe a week or two ago. The actual video of the police killing the homeless guy was ridiculous. He had knives in his hand and the reason they shot him, was because he got too close to the K-9 unit and was shot down with more force than needed. Albuquerque police are awful, even the u.s department of justice found reasonable cause to believe that abq police department uses excess force that violates the fourth amendment.

@oww666 rly what the hell makes you relate this protest action to murder.

wouldn’t call it a crime at all, it’s civil disobedience and it’s good that ppl stand up against police violence

@anarcho-queer thx for speaking that out

also thx thecitysonfire for the further info on the protests.