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" Do things your future self will thank you for. "

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the system is fucked up when even your grandma fights back 

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Hypnotizing Spiral Staircase Photography

Stairs are probably the last thing that would come to mind if someone were to ask you about potentially interesting photography subjects, but these spiral and helical staircases beg to differ. They are standing proof that, with the right perspective, even a set of stairs can make for an absolutely stunning photograph.

Most of these photos owe their appeal to these staircases’ hypnotizing spiral forms. Spiral staircases are appreciated by architects and designers for the extraordinary columns of space that they can create and for their dynamic forms. Technically, however, most of them are helical stairs, not spiral – true spiral stairs must revolve around a central point, while helical stairs revolve at a set distance from a central point.

Photos credit:

  1. Tony Antoniouht
  2. Izidor Gasperlin
  3. Lucas PorteeI
  4. Naoto Tsujimoto
  5. Philipp Götze
  6. Renate Dodell
  7. Matthias Haker
  8. Matthias Haker
  9. Matthias Haker
  10. Beno Saradzic

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artist unknow ! tag him if you know it
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Punk Squat “Rote Flora” (Hamburg/Germany)

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RS Connett ~ “Neurochaos”

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mostly nature

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Alexis Diaz - Djerba, Tunisia

tessa from suburgatory is hot.

also she reminds me of my ex gf :(


resist and revolt / live and let live

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" Auf der einen Seite willst du die Welt sehen, Abenteuer erleben. Auf der anderen Seite willst du eigentlich den ganzen Tag im Bett verbringen. "